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Human Resource Director

WGO is looking for a Human Resource Director.  This position will provide needed HR support and direction to WGO. 

This position will be a fund raising or self funded missionary job.

For more information please contact Pete at


Media and Communications Specialist

WGO is searching for a full time media and communication specialist to join the ministry development team located Tegucigalpa Honduras.  This person will assist in the ministry's communications to supporters and friends of the ministry and report directly to the President/CEO of WGO.  The applicant must be able to become a full time fund raising missionary with WGO and pass back ground screening.  The specialist will have a background in communications, writing, graphic design, etc. being able to communicate in the spanish language is a plus it is not a requirement .

For more information please contact our Human Resources Dept at



Pharmacist and Pharmacy Interns

The Mission House of WGO is looking for a full time Pharmacist.  This position is located in Tegucigalpa Honduras and will report to our current Pharmacist and would be an addition to our pharmacy staff.  The WGO pharmacy is responsible for the weekly medical team's medicine needs, which in 2013 willl be 50 weeks of medical brigades, and over 250,000 presriptions filled.    

The following is a list of some of the qualities required for this position:

  • Limited Spanish language skills.
  • Ability to lead, train and direct in a multi-cultural atmosphere.
  • Ability to become a fund raising WGO missionary.
  • Graduate from an accredited University

For questions and more information please contact our Human Resources Dept.


Elementary Certified Teachers and HS teacher

For the 2014-15 school year, Rancho Ebenezer is in need of certified teachers for our bilingual school.  Current or retired teachers can apply, and the ability to become a fund raising WGO missionary is also required.  We are a Christian ministry for children in Honduras.  As part of that ministry, we have a bilingual school on-site that serves all the children and missionary children, ages pre-K through 12.  The school calendar begins in August and goes until the beginning of June with a two week break for Christmas.

One of the most important things you need to know is
that we are more than teachers here.  We need people who can be flexible and willing to serve in any capacity needed.  Often times, we help cover houses when the child care workers are away, supervise the soccer field during free time, and help with other duties around the ranch.  Even when school is not in session, we are still considered "working" and available to step in wherever and whenever needed.   It is a small Christian community that feels like one large family.  Class sizes are extremely small, which allows for a lot of individualized attention in the classroom. 

Please contact our Human Resources Dept at



Mission House Hosting Teams

WGO is looking for a mature couple or single to join the Mission House hosting team. This person or couple would help with hosting the Serve Teams as well as performing a variety of other tasks that are needed to help the Mission House staff welcome, inform and assist Serve Teams.

Some of the qualities required for this position:

  • Ability to be fund raising WGO missionary
  • Ability to lead and direct in a multi - cultural atmosphere

For more information or an application please email our Human Resources Dept at





Information Technology Manager
 Information Technology Manager

 WGO is accepting applications for the IT manager position in its offices in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. This is a new position. This person will be responsible for all IT needs including telephone at both locations of WGO in Honduras.
Responsibilities include:
  • Maintain WGO Equipment including PC, Server, Printer, backup, PBX (Switches, Cabling, Phones), Network (Switches, Routers, Wireless Access Points, Wireless Bridges, DSL network equipment, Cabling) and Internet (Cable, modems, Coax Cabling, 3G Booster, 3G Router, 3G Antenna). 
  • Manage and prioritize requests from multiple people and locations at the same time under a tight budget.  Creatively utilize resources that are available.
  • Assist and train others in multiple operating systems including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, MAC OSX and multiple flavors of Linux. 
  • Engineer innovative solutions for LAN, WAN, power, backup and PBX system in a very challenging environment.  
  • Be able to research and brainstorm faster WAN (internet connection) solutions for Rancho Ebenezer.
  • Document system procedures and changes so other technicians can assist as needed.
Acceptance as a WGO missionary is a requirement. 
Some knowledge of Spanish language is helpful.
For more information email our Human Resources Dept at


We are accepting applications for Serve Team - Tegucigalpa Interns and also our Children's Services outreach at Rancho Ebenezer.    The application time frame rotates throughout the year, depending on our needs.  It is a short term missionary position which requires the intern to raise their own support for 2013 $195 per week.  

Applications and a letter of reference from the Pastor are accepted during the year, and selections are made on October 31, for the Jan-May time frame and on March 31 for June through December.

Applicants should be enrolled in a university with a major in teaching, child care, missions or medical related fields and have an ongoing Christian walk.

For more information email our
Human Resources Dept.


Documents For Prospective Missionaries

Pre-Application for Service with WGO

Orientation Packet for New Missionaries



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